Hope of Africa has been networking and is in association with ministries and key leaders throughout Africa and various other parts of the world.


To create a global platform for key persons to partner with Hope of Africa Foundation.

Mission and Focus

To develop and maintain the technological infrastructure that HOAF will utilise to facilitate the flow of information between all its stakeholders.

  • To establish a platform which will enable partners to network with each other via business, social and spiritual opportunities.

  • The platform lends an opportunity for churches and ministries to network and share resources.

  • This channel will position HOAF to provide a dynamic, interactive platform for its stakeholders.

  • Through this platform, HOAF enables all its members to participate in the global reality of e-commerce, giving members better access to the HOAF resources and the global community.

  • To create a platform for individuals to utilise their skills and talents and life long learning to empower less privileged communities.

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