What is Pre-Need planning?

Pre-plan means purchasing in advance of actual need:

  • cemetary property for the burial of human remains or cremation ashes
  • memorial tombstone / headstone

  • The Benefits

    Experience has shown us that pre-planning is one way to make comfortable choices without the pressure and grief an emergency situation.

    We have found that those who pre-plan their funeral and cemetary needs are comforted in knowing that they have releived their family from the financial and emtional burden of making those decisions at the time of need.

    In addition, those who pre-plan typically make wiser financial decisions that would a survivor at the time of need.

    At the time of death, Life and funeral insurance is better utilised to adjust to the loss of income than for funeral arrangements.

    The cost of cemetery and funeral arrangements hvae increased dramatically over the last few years and pre-planning assures families of arrangements at current rates.

    Payment arrangements are available as opposed to a once off cash payment at the time of death as follows:

    6 / 12 / 24 / 36 / 48 / 60 months

  • Gravesites (for burial)
  • Niches (for cremation ashes)
  • Memorial stones (tombstones)

  • Should you require any further information on pre-need planning, please feel free to contact us. The memorial park is situated in Williston Road, Ottery