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Hope of Africa Foundation provides a rewarding platform for participation toward Empowering and Mobilizing individuals and communities to achieve their full potential.

Our network of stakeholders is drawn from a wide spectrum of society. The purpose of our website is to provide a dynamic hub around which the Foundation is able to facilitate the interaction between our stakeholders.

In addition to the web-site we continue to utilize traditional channels to interact with our stakeholders. It is important to remember that the success of the network is to a large extent dependent on all our participation. This means that you, in whatever capacity, have an interest in the work of the Foundation, play a meaningful role in the future success of our work.

We recognize you as vital to our growth; therefore we depend on your support of this web-site. To secure your continued support of the web-site and the overall work of the Foundation, we are committed to providing information via the web-site that you will find beneficial.